A Little Taste of Sweet Beef


Last night me and two of my closest friends went down to the Music Box to check out Mac Sabbath, the MacDonald’s themed Black Sabbath parody band. I had no idea what to expect and to some extent I was convinced that the show was going to be cool for a few songs, but then the novelty would wear off. Turns out, as always, I was wrong.


Complete with two smoke-breathing Ronald McDonald heads placed at both sides of the stage that lit up like forgotten Nothing but Trouble props, and four musicians that tore through songs titled “Cherries are Fruits,” “Frying Pan,” and the circle-pit anthem “Pair-a-Buns,” Mac Sabbath proved to my naysaying ass that I should always keep my mouth shut till the music stops.

For a band that sings about the cancerous nature of the golden arches corporation in a goofy way, these guys are on-point musicians. The joke never got old and the energy and crowd interactions kept the momentum going. At one point there were a handful of beach  ball hamburgers flying around, while the singer sprayed those of us in the front with water. I’d gladly see Mac Sabbath again and if they come to your town, go down and have a blast.



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