Wonder Con 2016

Now that I’ve spent the last week in con recovery and the virus that AWP left me with seems like it’s on its way out, I wanted to talk a bit about my experiences at both AWP and Wonder Con.  However, since that would mean one long ass post, I’m going to break it up into two.

First up, Wonder Con 2016.

I get to the L.A. Convention Center the night before WC opens. It’s the easiest time I’ve ever had picking up badges. Name. Company. Driver’s License. I was out in less than twenty minutes. A good first impression for someone that’s a bit bitter about how SDCC handles their business now.

Smash cut to the convention itself. Kai Martin and I are placed in a not so great locale, but we made it work. The folks across from us never showed up, so we took the opportunity to share the space with another exhibitor to bring more people to our area.


Taking over the empty table worked to a degree, but there was only so much we could do given the placement of the booth. Here’s the thing, though. I wasn’t expecting to sell out of copies of King Space Void or Fruition. In fact, I was surprised by what we did sell and the people that did come by were rad. When’s the last time you sold a book to a dude named Spike that knew more about Opeth than you?


I did get a chance to wander the hall a bit and check out the Lovecraft panel put on by the organizers of the H.P. Lovecraft film festival. After said panel I joined up with Cody Goodfellow, Aaron Vanek, Leslie Klinger, and company for flaming margaritas. For those of you that don’t know me, Cody has been my favorite writer since I read his amazing short story “Wasted on the Young” in an issue of Cemetery Dance years ago. So, to be able to kick it with him as two dudes sharing a drink, was a great moment for me. Believe the hype. He’s as cool as everyone says he is.


Overall, Wonder Con reminded me of San Diego Comic Con before it became the pop culture Goliath that it is today. There’s breathing room on the floor and no one reprimands you like an ego-maniacal hall monitor for posting up at a wall to rest, eat, or charge your phone. The entire vibe of the con was chill and the folks that stopped by our table to chat were awesome and genuine. And Kai did an awesome drawing of one of the character’s from King Space Void, which I love! IMG_20160326_110123

This was my first time ever being on the other side of the booth and I gotta say, I dug the hell out of it. I’m looking forward to bringing the thunder again to Wonder Con 2017.


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