You Lost, Pardner?


I’m assuming you probably stumbled onto this blog from the New Bizarro Author Series 2015-2016 page or it showed up randomly in some reddit thread about weird shit. Regardless of how you came across it, welcome! I’ve always been hesitant to create one of these because of my innate fear of being a lone man screaming into the void, but here goes nothing, right?

A little background: I’m Anthony Trevino. Author of King Space Void from the 2015-2016 New Bizzaro Author Series (NBAS), contributor to Tom Holland’s Terror Time, and general buffoon. I have a passion for the weird, surreal, horror, and art in general, and hope that this blog becomes more than just me ranting about how much I dislike The Purge films (article forthcoming).

I hope you dig the sterile, po-mo, Brave New World feel of the place. Trust me, the longer you stare at the white walls, the more you’ll see what’s lurking underneath…now, if I may quote the fantastic Return of the Living Dead, “Are you ready to party?…it’s party time.”


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